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Medicare: Replacing a Medicare Card

Have you or a family member misplaced your Medicare card?  The Medicare card is a red, white and blue card with your, or your spouse’s Social Security number on it.  You receive the card when you become eligible for Medicare and it serves as your proof that you are entitled to Medicare benefits.  It is an important document and should be kept in a safe place.  Sometimes we forget where that safe place is and we need a replacement card.  If you need a replacement card, you can contact Social Security to obtain one.  It will take thirty days to receive a new card.  If you need proof of your Medicare eligibility before that time you can request a letter from Social Security which will serve as a temporary document. This will take ten days to arrive.  However, if you need immediate proof of eligibility you can access proof by using the Social Security website.

Go on-line to and set up your Social Security account.  Using the account you can request a replacement card and also printout a statement that verifies your eligibility for Medicare.  Establishing an account with Social Security is a good idea, even if you don’t need a replacement card.  Through your account you can change your address, check your benefits, verify your eligibility status or change your direct deposit information.