Care Network Link

Our Credentialing Process

Certification SealCare Network Link has set strict policies for allowing service providers to join our network. All providers in our network have been thoroughly credentialed and have met our guidelines for participation.  You can be confident that the companies in our network have excellent quality commitments and exceed standards in their industry.  The companies in our network have passed these strict guidelines and have earned our Seal of Certification.  

How is Care Network Link different from other networks?

Most other networks act as advertising venues where companies simply pay for being listed.  At Care Network Link, we look every provider in the eyes, we shake their hands, and we talk to them face to face.  We set strict policies and conduct thorough analyses of all businesses before allowing them into our network.  This analysis includes:

  • Ensure that the businesses have all the necessary licenses and certificates required by the State of Connecticut.  We continue to monitor and ensure that these licenses and certificates are current and valid.
  • Review of the necessary insurance policies to ensure the companies are meeting or exceeding the required types and amounts of insurances based on the particular type of business and service they provide.
  • Conduct criminal backgrounds checks on the business owners and ensure that they are conducting criminal background checks on all of their employees who work directly with clients.
  • Complete credit scores and basic financial analyses of the companies to ensure they are financially stable.
  • Screen the training procedures in place for staff and ensure the staff has continuing training programs.
  • Screen for emergency preparedness.
  • Screen the quality programs and policies to ensure the businesses are prepared to handle any grievances brought forward and address the situations quickly.

We do the homework so that you can rest assured that the providers in our network are quality-centered businesses with well-trained and trustworthy employees.