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Membership SmallMembership gives you access to credentialed providers and discounts on services! 

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By joining as a Care Network Link Member, you will have access to our private network of fully credentialed service providers.  We've done the homework to assure the companies in our network are quality-focused and have passed our strict guidelines before we allow them into our network. 

How often do we hesitate as we look for providers to help us or our loved ones, wondering, “would this person really be good for my mom? How can I trust them?” "Will my husband accept help from a stranger?"  We’ve been there, too, and it was thoughts like these that motivated us to set up our own credentialed network of providers.

Your membership lets you search for specific services you want and that are available in your town.  And, our service providers offer special discounts to Care Network Link Members.  Not only are you assured a choice of quality providers, but you will be saving money too! Our providers offer discounts and special promotions only available to Care Network Link members!

Registration is easy!   Simply fill out our online form with your name and email.  By agreeing to our Member contract, you will have access to the entire network of service providers here in Connecticut who have passed our thorough credentialing process.  

Learn more about our methods for credentialing. 

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