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Be sure to keep a safe and open pathway from bedroom to bathroom to prevent falls during the night
There are many services available to help you stay in your own home as long as possible. To get a better understanding of what each service is, visit our Resources section of the website.
Caregiving is a selfless act -- you are having a positive impact on the life of another. Some days can be so difficult, but try to keep the perspective that what you are doing is a wonderful gift.
Home safety: to prevent falls, have handrails installed on both sides of the stairway and remove scatter rugs.
Nuts can be good for you. Walnuts contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, eat a few every day.
Staying well hydrated is a key component to preventing falls. Dehydration can cause light-headedness which could certainly lead to a fall, especially late at night when getting out of bed. Be sure to drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day to stay well hydrated.
Installing motion sensors to turn on lights in hallways can be a great help to prevent falls during the night.

Care Network Link is a one-stop resource to help you and your loved ones find the services you need to stay safe and comfortable in your own homes. Whether it is housekeeping, personal care, meal delivery, chores or modifications to make your home safer, Care Network Link has the trustworthy providers to take care of your needs.

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