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Top Tips for Caregivers

There have been many studies of caregiving and there are probably more books about caregiving than there are caregivers providing care.  You can't read them all, so here is a list of the most commonly suggested tips.

  • Knowledge is power: Take the time to inform yourself about your loved one's medical conditions, insurance benefits, entitlement programs, services available to help you provide care.
  • Keep a list of current medications including dosage and bring it with you to all healthcare providers.
  • Connect directly with your loved one's health care provider.  Until the responsible provider approves something, it doesn't happen.
  • Keep important documents in one convenient place.
  • Discuss end of life preferences with your loved one.
  • Complete DNR forms if that's the preference of your loved one.
  • Seek legal counsel from an elder law attorney about your plans to ensure you have necessary permissions to obtain medical information, make medical decisions, represent your loved one in financial matters and protect assets.
  • Have a plan for the future.
  • Take care of yourself as well as your loved one.