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Walker Safety

Increasingly we see people using walkers to steady their gait. Caregivers need to know how to guide someone who uses a walker; it is important to know how to help them use it safely. When purchasing a walker, get one that is easy to fold. It will make transporting your loved one much easier. It is very important before using a walker that you remove any loose rugs from the floors and remove any clutter that might become a tripping risk. The person using the walker should wear flat, rubber soled shoes.  

When someone you care for is preparing to sit make sure the chair is directly behind them and all four tips of the walker are on the floor. Have your loved one back up slowly, until the edge of the chair is against the back of their legs. With one hand, have him/her reach back and find the arm of the chair. Grab the arm of the chair and release the other hand from the walker and then reach back and grab the other arm of the chair. Make certain your loved one uses their arms to gradually lower themselves into the chair -- it is very important NOT to plop down into the chair. Once on the seat, have them slide back into the chair.