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Respite Care Program

There are many programs that offer respite to caregivers and there are many caregivers who use these services gratefully. However, there are some caregivers who offer many reasons why they can't use respite: "my loved one won't let anyone else help"; "no one takes care like the caregiver"; "it's my duty to do the caregiving"; "it's easier to do it myself than show someone else how to do it"; "I'm too busy to use respite". 

It's important to remember that, even people who think they don't want respite need it. When caregivers take respite they return to caregiving with renewed energy and optimism; they do a better job. All relationships, no matter how loving, need an infusion of energy from time to time to alleviate the natural stresses that build up. Respite provides a new focus for conversation. 

If you won’t take respite for yourself, then do it for the good of your loved one. You’ll be a better caregiver!